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Margarita Island known as "The Pearl of the Caribbean" is located 38 km northeast of the continental territory of Venezuela, far from the passage of tropical storms in the Atlantic. Has 1.71 square kilometers of extension and 167 kilometers of coastline with spectacular beaches.


The Island measures 67 kilometers from east to west and 32 kilometers from north to south, with a total area of 1,071 square kilometers. The average temperature during the year is 27 degrees Celsius and there are low levels of rainfall, resulting in a comparative advantage with other Caribbean destinations with higher and more frequent rains.


About 491,610 people (according to the last census conducted by official bodies.) Live in Margarita, concentrated east of the Island where its capital, La Asunción, and the city of Porlamar. The population of the island grows significantly during holiday seasons, reaching in the peak months a total of 2,800,000 visitors who are staying in private residences and in existing hotels available. The native language is Spanish and the predominant religion is Catholic. The Margariteño is characterised by being friendly and helpful, dedicating himself mainly to the tourism industry, fishing and commerce. The cuisine of the island offers a wide range of local and international dishes, standing out as a tasting center and gourmet restaurants. The city of Pampatar presents interesting contrasts for the visitor by offering spacious and modern shopping centers such as Sambil, Traky City, La Vela and the Cote d'Azur. Porlamar is a modern city, with several medical and health centers and a wide and well-maintained network of roads, national and international airports and two ports.


In 1966 the island of Margarita was declared original as a Free Zone and later, in 1975, with a free port regime which makes it attractive in the eyes of avid buyers of electronics, clothing, liquors and other items that are of interest for Venezuelan and foreign tourists. Transportation to and from the Island is mainly by air and by ferries that depart from ports on Venezuelan mainland located mainly in the cities of Puerto la Cruz and Cumaná.





The hotel has a privileged location in the northeast area of the Island and with direct access to a beautiful beach that bears the name of "The Smoke", with a gentle and constant breeze, white sands and gentle waves. At present there are no hotels or other adjoining housing offers that compete for the same coastal space. A stone barrier has been placed in the southern part of the beach, creating a kind of seawall where the Caribbean waters rest peacefully, making their bathers more affordable access. The hotel has certified lifeguards who have been at their workplace since early hours observing and worrying about the integrity and safety of guests.


The hotel is located 40 kilometers from Santiago Mariño International Airport and 35 minutes from Porlamar, the main populated center of the island. The facilities are intended for integral tourist recreation, and guests can enjoy various activities and complementary services within the facilities. The activities are varied, including non-motorized water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling and short surfboards, sand sports and directed recreation. It also has a table games room and pool bar, a disco and a theater. The hotel has complementary services such as nursing, laundry, shop and meeting rooms with capacity for up to 200 people, modern gym, internet and fax services, tourism agencies that offer varied tours on and off the island, car rental and taxi line.


The hotel is a family beach resort with a three-star category by marketing strategy, although it has the facilities and quality of services necessary to obtain a superior rating.





The hotel is located on a flat land of 57.529 square meters, with a slight slope towards the beach. It has several beautiful gardens planted with tropical plants.


The building has 25,218 square meters of construction, has 501 rooms of different characteristics: single with single beds, double beds with double beds, cabins with two double beds, suites with bedroom and living room with two sofas / beds suitable for minors sharing The room with his parents. All rooms are equipped with individual air conditioners, mini refrigerator, color television with cable system, telephone, hot water in the shower and safe.


The rooms available to the hotel complex are a total of 501 distributed throughout the same with the following facilities:


- CABINS: Two double beds suitable for 4 people.


- MARRIAGE: A queen size bed.


- TWINS: Two separate single beds.


- MARRIAGE VILLAS: A double bed + a single bed.


- TRIPLE VILLAS: Three separate single beds


- SUITES: One single bed plus two single sofa / beds in separate environments.


Within the hotel facilities there are several recreational and recreational areas such as: Two convention halls with air conditioning and sanitary facilities suitable for groups of up to 200 people, games room with bar and three pool tables and six tables game with felt on the surface, two football tables, ambient music and plasma screens, several bars distributed in the complex, two specialty restaurants and two with buffet lines, snack room, theater with night show and disco. The exterior of the complex can be explored to enjoy a landscape with paths that will make you enjoy a varied and lush vegetation where different types of palm trees and pandanos dominate with Japanese grass.


It has three swimming pools for adults and one for children, bars and restaurants. The beach of the hotel has an extension of 250 meters with a very fine and clean sand, of moderate waves that allows the use of sports tables. There is also ample parking for cars, independent kitchens in each of the restaurants, two desalination plants and rooms, bathrooms and changing rooms for staff. Maintenance workshops and warehouses for general stores and food and beverage stores, four power plants, three departments out of room inventory and a presidential suite with three bedrooms for the owners' use. Construction began in 1994 and commissioning took place in 1995. Its state of conservation is excellent, product of the design of its construction and an efficient maintenance program. The hotel is currently on a loss since March 2019; with a permanent assistance of a management, made up of a staff of 30 maintenance and security people.





A) Tourist Fortress of Margarita Island:


Margarita is the main tourist attraction of Venezuela. The island has an excellent tourist infrastructure, road, and public services, as well as a deep-rooted culture of attention and service in its population.


Four high seasons are clearly highlighted for the national market: two short ones (Carnival and Holy Week) and two longer ones (August - September and New Year School Holidays).


The months with the highest volume for foreign visitors are: From January to March, July and August, and December.


Margarita Island has been an important international destination in recent years, receiving direct visitors (according to CORPOTUR data, until 2008) from the following countries: 


It is necessary to emphasize an important rebound of Argentine, Chilean, Uruguayan and Brazilian tourists. In the most recent statistics of the National Institute of Statistics it is observed how from South America the arrivals to the country predominate, having a good part of them as final destination the Island of Margarita.


B) Growth potential:


Among the tourists who could begin to prefer us for the existing special conditions are those from Colombia, Argentina, Trinidad & Tobago, Germany and Great Britain.


C) Economic solvency of the Hotel:


The company that owns and operates the hotel enjoys an excellent financial situation. It has no financial liabilities or liens on assets. Existing liabilities refer to liabilities labor, which are managed separately under the figure of trust. The company enjoys excellent business relationships with its suppliers.


D) Tax advantages derived from investments in Tourism:


The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in an effort to promote investment in the tourism sector in Venezuela, has incorporated into the legal system a set of tax benefits, including:


Loans in commercial banking at rates equivalent to a maximum of 80% of the average active market rate.


Discounts of the payment of the income tax (ISLR) of up to 75% of the investment made in construction, expansion, improvements, and re-equipment of existing buildings and services.


E) Relations with Tour Operators:


The Hotel is well known among the tour operators that offer to the public and institutions which makes our flow of customers constant throughout the year. At an international level and due to our constant participation in tourism fairs, we have managed to position ourselves as the iconic hotel of the Island.


F) Hotels in Margarita:


As for the type of accommodation preferred by national visitors, the homes of family or friends occupy the first place with a percentage close to 40% and hotels 31%, with lower percentages of resorts, own homes, rented apartments among others.


On Margarita Island there are 188 accommodation facilities available for tourists, between hotels and inns, with a total offer of 10,584 rooms and 32,300 beds, 64% of this total are hotels registered in official bodies. The municipality where the hotel is located is the one with the greatest tourism development with the best hotel structures.


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