WohnungsProjekt is a leading Company for innovation and smart real estate solutions. Based in Berlin, and with business partners in America and Europe, our Company offers not just an end-to-end smart solution, but we provide professional services for a successful, profitable and safe real estate investment.


With over 25 years of experienced professionals in the real estate market, WohnungsProjekt provides suitable business ideas to our customers. If you want to sell your property, if you want to safely invest in real estate, or do you need to design or renovate your property; come to us and let us guide you to make the right business decision.


WohnungsProjekt is focused on bringing the best personal and online brokerage services for our customers based on our efficiency, professionalism and quality of our services. We offer to our customers a complete and comprehensive support in dealing with the current situation through our online services, so you don't have to move from your home.


If you want to rent or sell your property in Berlin, we are ready to work for you. We can organise paperwork and visits under extreme safety conditions, we can also do live video visits for our clients. We our team, we are ready to organise the notary services if necessary. Let us do the work for you. 



For new customers willing to rent or sell their property with us, we offer:

Free first consulting,

Free property valuation,

Free professional real estate Promotional Video!


Feel free to contact us for any question:

T. (+49) 01517 583 661

M. info@wohnungsprojekt.de

Creative thinking inspires great ideas. Get thinking!

Our first priority is to meet out customers' expectations. We can create your dream home, based on your time and budget requirements. With our experienced team we provide a high quality standard for all our projects. We will lead you to make the right investment decisions. We can provide the best resources for your renovation ideas. We offer not just project management and coordination of the renovation project, but we can provide a 3D Modelling service before starting your new project. We also provide services for the development of professional promotional real estate videos and installation of smart connected devices and digitalisation of your property, if you are willing to get into the Smart-Home era. Whether you wish to buy, sell or rent, we can provide all the professional brokerage services you need. Contact us!

Do you have a Real estate tip for us?



Do you have a real estate tip for us? We are definitely interested in hearing from you and we are looking forward to reward your tip!


We are not just looking to reward your advise but to give the best brokerage experiences to any of your contacts by selling their properties. If you are a property owner willing to sell or rent for property, we also have a special offer for you, just contact us to give you more details.


Is just that easy, if you have a friend or family member that is willing to sell her/his property, recommend our services or just give us the contact of the person and we do the rest. After we successfully sign the notary contract and sell the property you will be rewarded with an attractive and previously agreed commission. And of course we will have a written confirmation of our agreement from the very beginning. We can have as many agreements/properties working in parallel as you can find, just send us the tip and let us do the work for you. You will be receiving periodically cash as we are closing the contracts.


For further details just contact us without any obligation, we will manage any information you give us with professionalism and discretion.


We are proud to inform that we assign part of our profits to the non-profit organisation Orquideas Negras e.V. which focuses their projects on social inclusion and education using Rugby as a tool. We are also part of this initiative!


You can contact us though:

T. (+49) 01517 583 661

M. info@wohnungsprojekt.de

... or just click the image below and let us know your thoughts!


Looking forward to hearing from you!

social responsibility

Our focus is also social, we are glad to support great projects that involves sports, in this case rugby. What a great pleasure is to see how this great sport brings not just the opportunity for children to stay away from wrong paths in life but also shows the way for an integral development with a sport that shows values and principles while having fun. Teamwork, respect, and discipline ist just a few of these core values. We are glad to support Orquideas Negras e.V. with this great initiative. More information about their projects or how to join them you can find though their website: www.orquideasnegras.com 

Let´s work together!

Let us make the first step to your future real estate solution. Let us guide you to make the right decision, based on your unique needs and financial requirements. There is always a right solution for every different client. Let us consult with you and understand your future plans and ideas, so that we can understand them and bring the right solutions for you... 

A satisfied client is our best investment!